To All of The Nannies We’ve Placed Over the Past 15 Years:

And over the past several weeks to Lily, Norma, Mayra, Jing, Angie, Emilia, Natasa, Dori, Nichole, Blanca, Janet, Jessica and Elizabeth,

I have known most of you for many years. I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for the privilege of knowing you, working with you, and placing you with families whose children will experience your love and dedication. My life is enriched by the opportunity to work with you. Every business owner should be lucky enough to work with people with your level of integrity, honesty and commitment to doing what you love. You constantly renew and confirm my faith in people, bring meaning to my work and my life, and bring immeasurable love to the babies, children and families you work with. Thank you for coming to us and coming back to us. I hope you are with your new families for a very long time.

To Our Client Families:

I have also known many of you for many years. Thank you for your trust in us, and your kind, repectful, and appreciative treatment of the nanny we have carefully screened and you haved chosen to care for the most important people in your lives: your children. The most rewarding part of my work with you is hearing that the nanny we placed is still with you several years later. I know your child has made a solid attachment to someone who loves them. I know first hand the stress of being a working mom, and if we can bring you the peace of knowing your children are safe, loved, stimulated, listened to, and nurtured while you're working, then I am doing something vitally important and meaningful as a psychologist. These early experiences will impact your child's emotional development into adulthood. Thank you for giving me the opporunity to make an impact in both your lives.

With warmth and appreciation,


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Welcome to
Safe and Sound Nannies

We are a full service San Diego nanny agency who works closely with families and nannies to make the right match since 1998. Safe and Sound Nannies chooses only qualified San Diego nannies with excellent references. All nannies are screened by a licensed psychologist. We are happy to conduct a home visit. Safe and Sound Nannies also provides flexible payment options.

Standardized Personality Screen

All of our nanny candidates complete a standardized personality screen. This screen assesses 31 personality traits related to nanny performance. This screen helps us determine if the nanny candidate (1) has the personality traits suited to being a wonderful nanny, babysitter or caregiver and (2) is best suited to your family's style. The screen was designed by and is interpreted by a licensed psychologist. Each candidate’s screen is compared to 4,000 other nanny candidate who have taken the screen to ensure that only the best candidates are considered for placement. The screen is not guaranteed to predict a nanny's behavior.

In-Person Interview

We meet with all San Diego nannies and interview them in person. All candidates must have a minimum of 2 years experience, preferably with one family. In evaluating nanny experience, we are more impressed by longevity in each position than by number of positions. Our interview is extensive, and includes situational questions designed to measure the nanny's competency with children, knowledge of childhood developmental stages, knowledge of childcare safety issues, judgment, activity level and long term commitment to a nanny job.

Extensive Reference Checks

We accept San Diego nannies with a minimum of 2 years of childcare experience, but most have much more. We take into account that some types of experience are more valuable than other types of experience. We call every U.S. reference (we are unable to check overseas references), and send transcriptions to you, including phone numbers. As experienced nanny screeners, we know the right questions to ask of past employers to learn as much as possible about the nanny's past performance. We ONLY send out nannies with excellent, verified references.

Comprehensive Background Checks

We conduct a thorough U.S. nanny background check on all nannies. Our check includes searches of a national sex offender database, on-site courthouse felony and misdemeanor criminal records for every county where the nanny has lived over the last seven years, social security number validation and a Department of Motor Vehicles record search.

Matching San Diego Nannies to Your Family

Every family has their own unique style and needs. We spend the time to get to know you and your family, your personality, and your specific requirements. Only then can we select among our nannies to find the perfect match for your family in terms of the nanny's personality, temperment and experience.

One Year Replacement Policy

We are so confident in our screening and matching process that we maintain a one year replacement policy for a full time San Diego nanny, and a 6 month replacement policy for part time nannies (refer to our fee agreement for details). Before you hire your nanny and pay our fee, we recommend a one week trial period to ensure a good match between the nanny and your family.

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Carlsbad Nanny providing childcare to child

Welcome! My name is Ann Wycoff, Ph.D. I am a licensed psychologist and a mom. I founded Safe and Sound Nannies in 1998 and developed an extensive nanny screening process because 1) we value the safety and well being of your child and 2) we value your time. We interview all nanny candidates in person. Because of our extensive nanny screening and matching process, many families hire the first nanny we send them.


Dear Ann, So far it's working well. The girls are already identifying with her as an older sister. She’s always punctual. We’ve had no problems. She has a good attitude. I’m putting a lot of trust and faith in her. I can’t remember who referred you to us but working with you has been a really good experience. I would definitely recommend you. Ken S., Encinitas
I want to tell you how professional you are and how much I appreciate how hard you worked to find me the right family. You didn’t lose faith in me and you always stayed in contact with me. I haven’t seen any other agency work the way you do. I’ve never had this experience. It was evident right away that this is a very kind family and I am very happy I’ll be working for them. Thank you for all of your hard work. -- Ana Serrato, San Diego
The last two nannies you placed with us (since 2007) were phenomenal. Karen is awesome. Both our kids liked her from day one. I can tell they really enjoy her. She’s already doing little things that are helpful for me without being asked. She brought art supplies. My son had a cut under his chin that got infected. I didn’t notice it, but she did, and she got it all cleaned up. She’s very observant. She’s actually a perfect fit for us. We know you take this very seriously and we couldn't be happier. Thank you! -- Sharon Bellows, Rancho Santa Fe
Dear Ann, I loved working with you. You’re very professional and you take it very seriously. You’re helping me take care of my kids and they are my everything. I can’t thank you enough. -- Zohar McMurtry, San Diego
Safe and Sound Nannies handpicked the perfect nanny for our family. Ann listened and took the time to learn about our personalities and the personality of our active, sometimes challenging, but always interesting toddler. She listened to details about what really matters to us in a long term caregiver for our son. We could not have been happier with the service. If you’re looking for personalized attention you will find it here. We didn’t want to interview lots of nannies. We only wanted to interview nannies who were right for us. Ann understands this. The family who sent her to us feels the same way. This service is invaluable and we’ll recommend Ann and Safe and Sound Nannies to our friends and coworkers. -- Shawn and Cheryl Canaris, San Diego
Ann, you’re absolutely right. Jessica’s wonderful. She fits my wife’s personality perfectly. She fits my personality perfectly. She’s so stable, so thorough. She’s completely focused on our son—she has no other agenda. She fits in so well with our family. We’re both 100% comfortable with her. Hiring a nanny is such a personal thing. With our last experience we were sent 30 candidates in three days. Basically every warm body who fit our schedule. It was up to us to sort through them and figure out who was qualified. We were looking for a very different experience. We found it with you. It means a lot to us. -- Jim Bradford, Santa Luz

To read these and other testimonials, visit our Testimonials Page

Please contact us if you would like to speak to these, or any of our families.

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